Wedding & Event Videography

Bill Poznanski

Bill Poznanski attended art courses at Carnegie-Mellon University before graduating with a degree in music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. This visual and creative background leaves an imprint on all of his video work. Since 1988, Bill has videotaped nearly 2500 weddings. He has shot in every exclusive venue/location in New York City and has worked alongside the elite of Manhattan wedding photographers such as Philippe Cheng, Julie Skarratt, Christian Oth, Karen Hill, Lynn Hughes, T. Lawrence Wheatman, as well as the studios of Sarah Merians and Fred Marcus.

Bill pioneered a New York City shooting style that combines natural and low lighting with compact equipment to yield spectacular motion picture results while keeping a discreet presence at the event. For this reason he has been the videographer of choice for brides whose weddings have been reviewed in Vogue, Town & Country and Martha Stewart Living magazines and the New York Times. These same brides of distinction have requested Bill and his low profile technique when they have had such high profile guests as Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael J. Fox, Joan Rivers, Ralph Lauren and Susan Sarandon, to name a few.

Bill's long time love for New Orleans culminated in his purchase of a historic house there in 2001. He is excited about bringing his New York City wedding video background and expertise to the New Orleans bridal market.

Janene Knox

Janene Knox divides her time between New Zealand, New York City and New Orleans. After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film & Art from Canterbury University she has exhibited her film/video installations and experimental documentaries in festivals and galleries on several continents.

With a documentarian's intuition and an artist's insight, Janene shoots and edits a truly unique and emotive record of your special wedding event. A seasoned editor with a keen eye, she weaves together a narrative rhythm that not only covers all the key events but also distills the 'best from the rest'. Janene is passionate about weddings because each one is a mini-documentary of the most momentous and joyful occasion in people's lives. She strives to make all of NOLA-NYC pieces a unique archival creation that will only be treasured more as time goes by.

In addition to Wedding Videography, Janene is currently Producing independent music videos and editing a documentary 'A Reason To Stay', about a local couple's Katrina experience in their flooded Mid-City neighborhood. | 504.945.2274 | 212.228.7056